The Best Bike Tour Ever

Every ride has the potential to take you someplace new. And when you devote your vacation days to do nothing but eat, drink, and ride your way around an unfamiliar destination, that experience becomes next level. There’s really no better way to connect with the sights, sounds, and culture of a region than on two wheels.

When it comes to the actual planning, you could DIY, but between transporting gear and scouting routes, lodging, and sustenance, you’re usually better off going with an outfitter that has insider intel and experience with the unique logistics of bike travel.

While there are thousands of outstanding cycling trips to choose from, only some are worthy of a Bicycling Travel Awards designation. Here’s how we determined the winners.

read the full article here: https://www.bicycling.com/rides/a29814901/best-bike-tours/

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